Welcome to my blog. Hopefully you will find some useful tips, tricks and insights for working with the Azure Data Platform.

I’m a Data Engineer with 12+ years experience building data platforms for clients. I got started using SQL Server On-Prem, but these days using modern data platform architectures in Azure, such as Databricks, Delta Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions Apps. I’m really interested in building scalable platforms that bring automated testing and deployment into data platforms, using open source tooling so we can spend less time re-inventing the wheel and more time doing interesting data stuff.

I like to try and give back to the amazing data community who have taught me so much over the years. As well as this blog, you can find me doing talks at conferences and user groups across the UK, and at the SQL Bristol user group which I help with. I’m also getting involved with some of the open source projects for the Azure Data Platforms that are popping up. I’ll be blogging about those more in the future…

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